Monday, November 24, 2008

Brrrrrrr it's cold

Hi folks,


After living in the heat of the desert for 6 months, I am starting to hate the new cold temperatures. Of course, it has not really gotten cold here yet, only down to the 30's. But we are expecting a more challenging winter in a few weeks' time.

There is a chance that I will play soccer on Thursday evening (Thanksgiving), or Friday morning, with some of the older guys. I look forward to getting out on the field with someone who doesn't call me 'Mister, Mister, me no football.'

We have Friday and Saturday off, not Thursday. I plan to cook turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy for the Friday dinner. Maybe some green beans.....sorry Mom, no canned cranberry jello. Will use the kitchen at the security house, as I have no facilities here in my place. You can boil water, or reheat leftovers, but that's about it.

Love and Peace to all!

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