Saturday, November 22, 2008

Belated Veterans' Day Post

Hi folks,

Those of you who know me well know that I am the first son of a career US Army officer, who has been recognized in various ways throughout his career for courage and determination in his service to his country, our country.

I was too busy on Veterans' Day to write something, just too tired. And then I forgot. Again, my bad.

Let me tell you something about living a military life:

You never know where you are going to be posted, never know what your assignment will be. Your MOS (Military Operations Specialty (I think) ) is rarely taken into account. You just move where the winds blow. You may have some say in the arrangement, as an officer, but in the rank and file, you just have to go where they tell you to go.

As a kid growing up in the uncertainty of the Cold War, and worrying about where we would live in the next 6 months, it was tough. Dad couldn't tell us everything about what was happening, as he, himself, didn't always know.

I am late with this post, but just wanted to say to all of the people that read this, if any, that we need to ensure that our veterans are taken care of socially, financially, and politically. Whether Democratic or Republican, I believe both parties have an interest in taking care of the people that have served, and are still serving, to ensure that they are not forgotten by bureaucracy and oversight.

We need to keep pressure on the Veterans Administration to push them to allocate appropriate resources to our Vets. We need to write our Congress-Persons to ensure that they understand the fact that it's not just one group of Vets that is going to die and go away, but their children and grandchildren who have also been a part of that struggle to gain and maintain a 'normal' life.

Pensions, health care, etc....for our brave men and women....they are all seemingly up for grabs as a way to solve our fiscal crisis. This is not a good way to go.

Few of the people who might read this have ever been under fire. Fewer still have had to fight back.

To those few, I dedicate this blog.

Love and PEACE to all.

Keep them in your prayers.

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