Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winter is coming

Hi folks,

Sorry to have been away for so long....not that anyone noticed, of course... Been a bit busy with work and personal stuff....but should be back on here almost daily for the time being.

Anyhoo, it's deep fall now in Erbil, getting down to frosty temperatures at night. Soccer is officially canceled as of today, and we'll be doing English lessons with the boys for the rest of the fall/winter season.

There are more restrictions now on movements within the compound, which makes it a bit trickier to get the things you need for your room and modest kitchen.

We're surviving, thanks to the excellent tactical support from our security company, but it's still quite a bit different from how it was before--much more reliance on ID cards, badges, etc....

Getting a group together to play Carcassone (sp?). Strategy game based on Renaissance France. I guess similar to Settlers, but more intricate.

Hope you are all well!

Love and Peace!

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james said...

good to see the blog back, i had noticed the lack of updates!

first snow beyond a tiny flurry here in the DC area today.