Saturday, February 14, 2009

Greetings from Turkey

Hi folks!

Well, the airline was relatively efficient getting us processed through the Erbil airport. When we got to Ataturk in Istanbul all hell broke loose.

One line for the whole plane and we had to do all the belt-shoe-other metal items dance again inbound. I thought that was only for outbound passengers at most airports. I guess this part of the world is a bit different. But the screwed up thing is that you could see people going through the search and the metal detectors, and noone had the freaking sense to take off his belt, put his keys in his carry-on, or whatever might have made the process more efficient.

Anyhoo, I fell asleep like a stone as soon as we got on that plane. Getting off was more a nicotine-fit than anything.

I am going to go and get my tourist visa now, because when I return through Istanbul, it will be really late at night, and I can bet you a dime to a dollar that the place will be closed and I will have to sit in the airport until they open in the morning.

In other news:

I am changing airlines between Atlas Air and KLM, so my baggage transfer is going to be a really interesting proposition. I packed some extra undies and socks (I think) in my carry-on, because yesterday there were renovations going on at the house and water aupply became a problem. I took one for the team and skipped the full shower and just washed up and shampooed my hair.

'The system is down' so I don't even have a valid boarding pass that will allow me to buy some perfume in Duty Free. And I have to report back to the freaking transfer desk two hours before my flight to get a new boarding pass. I will have been here close to six hours by then, and will still have to wait in another line. When we arrived from Erbil, I went straight to the counter.....stood behind about five other people....and now I get to do it again. Happy day.

I am so tired.

Jeepers, I thought Dulles was bad!

Love and Peace to all!

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