Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

Hi Folks!

Well, looks like I'll be missing this year's Superbowl after all. We have to work tomorrow and it doesn't start until 0230 local time. And who knows how long it will take between the 'start' time and the actual kickoff. I figure it will end around the time I wake up in the morning, and maybe I can catch the results then.

Back in Ghana, we'd watch AFN (Armed Forces Network) and try to catch some games....but that was then, this is too tired and spent to even think about it.

I am a Steelers fan. Have been since I knew what football was, because my Dad grew up around Pittsburgh and he and my mom met at Duquesne, which is probably a 10 minute walk from the old Three Rivers Stadium. Now they play on Heinz field.

The Heinz 57 factory smokestack was a beacon for us as kids on our way to Nana's house up there near Pittsburgh. It always meant we were getting close to a warm bed and maybe some cookies.

I remember Nana used to bring out newspapers with the front pages for each of the Steelers' Superbowl wins back in the Bradshaw days. And the dang Pirates who beat the Orioles in that bizarre World Series back in the late 70's. I hope someone in the family still has them.

Anyway, go Steelers!

Love and Peace to all!

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